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SGG is a leader in performance testing services. There is extreme value in having a performance test resource that can not only develop the test scripts and scenarios, but also analyze the application and systems to determine root cause. Our consultants are also able to utilize production monitoring and analytic tools to properly emulate realistic usage scenarios that expose real production issues.

performance testing

Full-Service Performance Test Packages

Small Business


  • Test Planning
  • Up to 500 concurrent virtual users
  • Scripting for 10 key business processes
  • Up to 3 Load Tests
  • Status Updates & Run Reports
  • Final Results Report



  • Test Planning
  • 2,500+ concurrent virtual users
  • Unlimited scripting of key business processes
  • Unlimited Load Tests
  • Status Updates & Run Reports
  • Final Results Report
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Loadrunner HP

Load Testing Made Simple

  • What is a test plan? SGG will provide you with a full plan of approach, requirements, scope, and timeline before we start testing your website.
  • What are virtual users? Virtual users, or VUs, are concurrent users generated by the load testing tool during test execution.
  • What is scripting key business processes? After analyzing your website, SGG will identify the key business processes within your website or application, and develop automated scripts which will exercise those transactions using different data permutations.
  • What is a load test? Load tests will be broken into individual test passes used to determine a website’s performance at normal and peak traffic conditions. You run a load test pass to first benchmark the initial site performance and then run subsequent test passes to gauge improvements made through development fixes and performance tuning.

The SGG Advantage

  • In-depth experience and expertise in a wide range of technologies, platforms, tools and business domains
  • A comprehensive, proactive, repeatable performance framework consisting of in-house tools, solutions and accelerators
  • Predictive modeling of application performance before deployment into production
  • ‘What-if’ analysis for potential hardware configurations