SGG GoldenGate Bridge

Our Vision

Our mission is to concisely measure and visualize the performance of your company's mission critical websites and then use our many years of industry experience and deep technical background to tune the sites for optimum speed and scalability.

Our Foundation

Sail Golden Gate Consulting was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, California, by consultants who spent their careers dedicated to testing, monitoring, analyzing and tuning mission critical applications across all major industry platforms. Every member of the SGG Team has a deep technical background and is ready to analyze your application at the lowest code, network packet, or API level.

Our Growth

Over the past decade the company has remained focused on their niche area of expertise, performance and monitoring, while also expanding our services to include developing centralized business analytics and monitoring dashboards, integrating monitoring tools, Big Data expertise, and DevOps automation to manage the sites.

Interested in a Career at SGG?

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SGG is looking to expand their client base by forming partnerships with consulting firms who would benefit from offering SGG's services to their existing client base and by providing small businesses with the same services and expertise that have made our Fortune 500 customers so successful.