Optimize your monitoring

Staying on top of application performance and availability metrics is critical to proactively heading off problems. You need a unified monitoring dashboard that presents the health of each application component and allows you to drill down to root cause where problems exist.
optimize monitoring
Deep, proactive application monitoring, reporting, and alerting keeps you in control of your service delivery. SGG will use your company’s monitoring tool investment to capture the performance of all critical application components, including JVMs, servers, services, and the network.

Real User & Code Level Monitoring

Capture and analyze every single transaction end to end across every tier of the application technology stack—beginning at the browser and extending through all services, all the way down to the code and database queries. Each transaction can be tied back to the site visitor with the query parameters they submitted making it easy to investigate hard to reproduce issues. This deep level of performance visualization removes all the guesswork on where the latency and issues reside within each transaction.

real user monitoring
synthetic dashboard


SGG provides a custom synthetic monitoring solution for our clients. Built on top of the Splunk platform, this detailed monitoring system provides actionable alerts around performance and functional issues. The custom synthetic monitoring solution has helped significantly reduce downtimes and improve user experience for our clients as issues are identified almost immediately. Additionally, SGG Synthetics provides analysis of historical data for SLA reporting and trend identification. In combination with Dynatrace AppMon, SGG Synthetics provides an all encompassing monitoring solution allowing for seamless root cause identification, resolution and prevention.


Utilizing the New Relic Infrastructure tool, the SGG team provided one of our clients with deep visibility into their Ruby Application. New Relic Infrastructure paired with New Relic APM allowed our client to view response times, error codes and messages, Sidekiq jobs, Docker Container processes, and more. Additionally, Dynatrace has released their Smartscape technology, which will automatically detects your application components and builds out an interactive map. Contact us to learn more about ways we can customize your Infrastructure monitoring for your application's needs!

infrastructure monitoring
database monitoring


SGG has found over the years that 80% of all performance issues are caused by suboptimal database queries. To combat this, we have mastered techniques in optimizing query syntax, tuning database caching settings, and pinning data into memory on SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres and DB2. These changes have had significant impacts on performance, converting 2, 5, or 10 second queries into 200ms queries.