Visualize your performance

Utilize our single pane dashboarding solutions to track, report, and control your service delivery efficiently and reliably. No matter where your data is, or what kind of datastore it lives in, we can bring it together by building data connectors that seamlessly integrate with your systems and visualize the data with Grafana.
unified dashboarding
Through custom dashboard development and tool integration, powerful insights are just a few clicks away. SGG’s unique dashboard solutions feature captivating graphics, rapid dashboard development and allow users to make data driven decisions faster than ever before.

single pane of glass

Single Pane of Glass

The SGG team architected and implemented an enterprise-level interactive dashboard with intuitive visualizations to show the health of enterprise applications across all the domains for our client. SGG created reliable python data pipelines on lambda to read data from 20+ sources and also create a data API to facilitate teams to push their metrics. The SGG team brought in ideas of new visualizations and developed custom plugins on Grafana like honeycombs, single stats math, status by group. These dashboards are catered to a wide range of audiences from executives all the way to support teams.

Synthetic Availability & Performance

The SGG team created a custom synthetic monitoring solution for complex business case scenarios. This directed monitoring provides insight into the uptime and performance of your critical business transactions, and most common paths in the application, thus letting you find problems before your customers do. SGG’s Synthetic Monitoring gives you the ability to monitor your APIs and applications at the frequency and location(s) of your choice. Over time, this monitoring data can be used for baselining your application’s performance, identifying areas of improvement and developing performance improvement strategies. You can also use our solution to benchmark application availability and performance with historic data or competitors.

synthetic monitoring dashboard
job dependency workflows

Automated Job Dependency Workflows

The SGG team built a solution that monitors the key data ingestion workflows/batch jobs. This solution monitors (Glue jobs, Oozie Jobs, informatica ETL In addition to monitoring the job status and runtimes, this solution queries the underlying systems for data availability and integrity. This is further visualized in Grafana with a rich intuitive workflows format that displays the underlying job dependencies on a single dashboard. This will help support teams identify where in the workflow process the failure occurred, which of the workflows exceeded the SLA’s and alerts teams accordingly.