Secure your data

SGG offers Application Security Monitoring Automation solutions by implementing sophisticated traffic monitoring that blocks malicious web traffic in near real-time better than any bot detectors on the market today. We use Splunk and an easy to use proprietary Security Engine to provide these capabilities.

website security
Is your application bombarded with Credential Stuffing bots that fraudulently gain access to user accounts?

SGG's custom security engine has helped major retail giants show:

  • 40% reduction in fraudulent purchases
  • 30% reduction in network bandwidth utilization
  • 10% reduction in disk storage and Splunk licensing costs
fraud prevention

Prevent Fraud, Prevent Revenue Loss

SGG's Security offering will help you block malicious traffic, reducing the amount of compromised user accounts significantly, there by reducing the fraud that can directly impact revenue. 

Our real-time dashboards show traffic trends on your web applications including how much traffic is blocked and how much traffic reached your origin. You can view the list of malicious IP Addresses that are being detected/blocked in real time.

Less compromised accounts = less fraud = direct revenue gains