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Have you tested your website's Google PageSpeed performance? Many of our customers have been completely caught off guard by how poor Google rates their website performance, especially on mobile. Let SGG help you get your performance score up to improve your company's SEO ranking!

Test Your PageSpeed

In July 2019, Google started converting to “Mobile First” indexing, which means the content and performance of your mobile website is how Google will rank your page in the search results. To assist with this transition, Google provides "Google PageSpeed Insights," a tool to help optimize the speed and performance of your site. But do you really know what to do with this information? SGG can improve your score so you are in the green and ranking near the top for Google SEO ranking.

Google PageSpeed Insights Optimization

Our experts will carefully sift through the Google PageSpeed Insights to ensure your website is optimized to meet all the speed recommendations. SGG engineers are experts in image optimization, lazy loading, automated CSS and javascript splitting… In short, all the ingredients that make your public website fast and achieve the highest Google score.

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