Enhance your performance

SGG becomes part of your team and takes ownership of any performance issues within your application. We bring our own diagnostic tools while leveraging any monitoring products you already use.
performance tuning
Our tools non-invasively gather application-specific information about the execution of the deployed system. We use this data to work with your developers, systems engineers, and system architects – following your standard procedures – to resolve any identified issues.

Did You Know...

Google PageSpeed Insights tests your website's speed and performance, and provides insight on where you can improve. But do you really know what to do with this information? SGG can improve your score so you are in the green and ranking near the top for Google SEO ranking.

splunk performance dashboard

Improve your response time

SGG Consulting has helped numerous clients see improved transaction response times (often >200% improvement) using Dynatrace to iteratively tune database performance and fix other performance defects. Through weekly reporting of usage and performance trends, establishing a performance SLA, providing root cause analysis for application outages, and fixing performance bottlenecks in the web, app, and database tiers, SGG has been successful optimizing our client's applications, and we can help you too.