Eliminate your downtime

Always get the right alert at the right time, with no alert storms that leave you guessing about the real problem. Then, dive into customizable and interactive application monitoring dashboards and go from high level views (like world maps, topology and dependency maps, and more) to root cause in minutes.
intelligent alerting

Are you bombarded by application alerts and support tickets, many of which do not get actioned? SGG has built a custom rules engine on top of the Dynatrace AppMon monitoring environment that solves this problem. This rules engine can integrate with any monitoring tool to correlate related alerts, eliminate alert storms and filter out non-critical events using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The end-result is descriptive ServiceNow tickets that are on point for quick resolution

pagerduty alerting

24/7 Visibility

The SGG team can give you 24/7 visibility and peace of mind when it comes to your application. By setting your DevOps team up with an incident management add on, we can ensure you that all of your application's stakeholders will be contacted as soon as something in your application triggers an alert.

Synthetic Alerting

SGG Consulting can set your team up with synthetic alerting, ensuring your application is loading within your SLA, and that all elements are displaying properly. Through utilizing one of our many custom integrations, your alerts will gain higher visibility, and will even create incidents in your company's ticketing tools. In combination with Dynatrace AppMon, SGG Synthetics provides an all encompassing monitoring solution allowing for seamless root cause identification, resolution and prevention.