Any employee (except those who are part of the company Human Resource Department, personnel department, company owners, directors, executives, etc.) is eligible to participate in this program.

Note: Only candidates who are not currently employed by the company, or those whose employment with the company was terminated more than 2 years prior to applying for the current position, are eligible candidates for the purpose of this program.


Incentives offered:

If the new employee, who was hired through employee referral program, stays with the company for 6 months, then the referring employee receives a special bonus in the amount of$500.00. However, the referring employee and the new referred employee both must be employed by the company at the time of the bonus payment.


Referral procedure:

A new referred employee/candidate should complete Employee Referral Form at the time of completion of their Application for Employment.

Note: The employer does not pay agency fees when the applicant was referred by an agency requiring a fee.