SGG Improves Mean Time to Resolution through AIOps Monitoring

For the last 6 months, the SGG team has been working with a major technology company in Silicon Valley to help them improve the mean time to resolution (MTTR) by implementing AIOps monitoring systems. Firstly, the SGG team carried out an in-depth evaluation of the client’s existing environments by working across multiple teams and stakeholders. This evaluation exposed the major gaps in the client’s environments as well as the biggest challenges being faced by employees. After identifying the gaps and challenges, the SGG experts set out to find the best solution for the client. By working with various vendors and carrying out several proof of concepts (POCs) SGG was able to find the best set of tools to support the client’s needs. Next came the architecting phase during which the SGG team setup all the infrastructure and mechanisms needed for this custom solution. Currently, the implementation phase is well under way and as of now this new solution is already helping the client pro-actively identify, address and avoid outages.