40% Reduction in Fraudulent Purchases at Retail Giant

The SGG team brought a retail giant to the forefront of internet security by implementing sophisticated traffic monitoring that blocks malicious web traffic in real-time better than any internet firewall on the market today. This resulted in an astonishing 85% reduction in the malicious web traffic, 60% reduction in overall web traffic when the malicious traffic was excluded, and most importantly a 40% reduction in fraudulent purchases.

SGG accomplished this feat by leveraging the Splunk monitoring tool to perform threat analysis of the web server access logs on the company’s Ecommerce site. The source of each threat, which is typically a bot or a hijacked machine that has been taken over by a virus, was blacklisted for 2 hours by the edge component (e.g. Akamai, Firewall, or Load Balancer), which blocked the traffic from ever entering the company’s network and causing the hacker to move on to other websites.

This reduction in traffic resulted in a dramatic cost savings throughout the technology stack including:

30% reduction in network bandwidth utilization
10% reduction in server CPU consumption that was caused by exceptions from processing malformed URL requests
10% reduction is disk storage and SPLUNK licensing costs caused by logging malicious traffic and exceptions
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