Dynatrace AppMon at Leading Architecture Software Company

Dynatrace AppMon was deployed to the pre-production and production environments of all major applications at a leading architecture software company. The deployment of AppMon provided visibility into infrastructure, application code and real user experience performance. Development and quality assurance teams were able to quickly and efficiently identify and address functional and performance issues introduced by releases using AppMon data. Business teams also reaped benefits from the AppMon deployment. SGG created reports and dashboards that provided the business teams with insight into the performance of critical business processes and details on the conversion rates that drive revenue. For example, an automated weekly report informed management on how long the purchasing process was for customers and which of their online stores was generating most revenue. Additionally, SGG integrated AppMon with several of our customer’s other systems: Splunk, ServiceNow, BigPanda. Overall the AppMon integration provided visibility into application performance at every level, customer analytics and sped up time-to-resolution.