Enterprise Monitoring at Retail Giant

SGG has architected and implemented an end-to-end enterprise monitoring solution for the our customer’s backend product system. The solution features an integrated dashboard that combines key performance indicators from the following tools:

  • HP Business Service Monitoring (BSM), which provides business process monitoring (BPM) data using synthetic transactions.
  • HP Real User Monitoring (RUM), integrated with BSM to capture the performance of real end-user interactions with the systems from a network perspective.
  • HP SiteScope is monitoring the health of each app, DB, and system component by using layer 7 heartbeat monitors, JVM & system counters, and event queue monitoring.
  • Compuware DynaTrace provides deep application diagnostic information including the method and SQL level performance of the code execution.
  • SPLUNK is used for log, database, and data feed analytical analysis, reports, and dashboards.

This has improved application uptime to better than 99.99% and provided senior management with visibility into their operational effectiveness.